Ignite Azusa Challenge

School of Revival 102

This module is a deeper look into the Azusa Street Revival and Racial unity. This is for those who not only want to weep and cry out to God, but also want to explore His heart for solutions to bring hope, deliverance, healing, and freedom for such a time as this in the midst of the injustice. The Azusa Street Revival holds keys towards a powerful future destiny together.


“I think this week really stirred my heart. We are in a huge season of transition and I needed to feel connection to people and to the heart of Papa. Revival is on my heart for this nation and the nations. I learned a lot this week between the guest speakers, the panel discussion, the international friends, and of course the amazing wealth of knowledge from Jennifer Miskov, PhD. And My heart is to continue to propel forward into my dream!! So....I continue to give Jesus my fresh YES daily, trusting in His plan to lead and guide, and for me to take the necessary steps to move forward!”

Sara Kleppinger

“It was AWESOME! I really have enjoyed the worship, the teachings, the zoom meetings, and the discussions! It has truly been a privilege to get to hang out with such beautiful people around the world! One of my main dreams for years has been "unity in the Church" and that vision was definitely strengthened and confirmed! I desire revival and awakening in my household and to spill over into my community! One of the things I told my husband that I felt happened was the breaking off of some fear. I noticed by the end of this week, most of that fear was gone. Thank you Jennifer and all of you for being so kind and encouraging! ”

Sandy Bates

“Last year, I would have never imagined that I would have the privilege to connect with people from around the USA and the world to seek God about how to embody the ministry of racial reconciliation well. This week has confirmed that my fervor to be a bridge has been God-given. I’ve been immeasurably encouraged by this Challenge because it has demonstrated to me that I am not alone. I’ve also experienced more and more freedom from a fear of being seen and being know. It’s easy for people to write me off for being “too soft-spoken.” Yet the Ignite Azusa Challenge has honored my demeanor as humble courage which has bolstered holy confidence within me. Thanks Jen; thanks everyone! I’m incredibly grateful to God for you and this time we’ve shared together!!”

DeSiree Reeves

“This week has re-awakened a strong sense of "Yes" for a coming awakening. I've been praying daily for revival for 20 years, but now I feel those prayers are on the verge of being answered in wonderful, creative, and beautiful ways. Just meeting so many on-fire children of the most high God -- hearing their stories and seeing their hearts on fire for God. This lifts my own spirits and helps me to keep on pressing in with new energy and vigor. I needed a boost -- and this week gave it to me. I also have a new dream, and a new path to follow, and that is exciting. At age 74, I know that God has so much more for me, and I have exciting adventures on the path ahead. Thank you for re-energizing my heart for revival, my prayers for revival, and my vision for revival. May a stronger, larger, more unifying Azusa Street awakening take place across our globe. ”

Mary Wright

The Narrative

How this Ignite Azusa Challenge came to be

The 5 Day Ignite Azusa Challenge (now also known as School of Revival 102) originally took place June 15-19, 2020, in response to the deaths of Ahmed Arbery and George Floyd amongst others. I wanted to respond but didn't know how I could help. Upon reading Exodus 4 where God asks Moses, what's in his hands, I felt God asked me the same question. I knew right away that He had entrusted me with the Azusa story for such a time as this. Ignite Azusa was in my hands and this became my gift to the world of pouring out my heart to see God's kingdom and glory come in the midst of such pain.

Special Guests

DR. DERRICK ROSENIOR, Ph.D., President of A.G. Black Fellowship of So Cal, Associate Professor of Communication and Director of The Lewis Wilson Institute for Pentecostal Studies at Vanguard University, college and friend of mine who burns with the Azusa fire deep within him. 

LOU ENGLE, Intercessor for revival, co-founder of TheCall, a prayer and fasting movement for gathering hundreds of thousands around the globe. He also launched Azusa Now in 2016, burning one for revival. LouEngle.com 

TINASHA LERAYÉ is a poet, actress, filmmaker and pastor in Creative Arts at Bethel Church in Redding. She desires to see the wound of racism healed in the United States and uses her creativity and teachings to equip this generation to walk out healing, justice, and unity. mvmntcollab.com

Does your heart burn for Racial Unity?

If you have a heart to see Racial Reconciliation, this is for you. The journey we go on together is not for the fainthearted. We dive deep into both the triumphs and the tragedies of the Azusa Street Revival as well as into the pain of the oppression black people have faced for generations. This is a starting point for deeper understanding, conversation, and connection as the Body of Christ across all racial barriers.

What you will learn

  • How to enter into the story of those who have been oppressed 
  • How revivalists of the past cultivated racial reconciliation 
  • How we can cultivate racial unity today
  • How to honor those who have been mistreated, oppressed, forgotten
  • How to make a difference and demonstrate love for such a time as this

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Day 0: Introduction
    Show Content
    • Welcome to the Ignite Azusa Challenge!
    • Testimonies from School of Revival
    • The Narrative of the Ignite Azusa Challenge & the Significance of Creativity
    • Required Reading & Ignite Azusa Blessing
    • Activation 0: Welcome
    • Bonus Session: Heroes who Paved the Way
  • 02
    Day 1: The Power of the Testimony
    Show Content
    • The Power of the Testimony
    • The Power of the Testimony Notes
    • Activation 1: Stones of Remembrance
    • Movie 1: Harriet
    • Bonus Activation: Activating the Testimony
  • 03
    Day 2. Azusa Street Revival Triumphs
    Show Content
    • Azusa Street Revival Triumphs
    • Special Session: Tapping into the Wells of Revival with Lou Engle
    • Creative Expression: The Comforter has Come at Bonnie Brae House 2020
    • Activation 2: Question for Reflection
    • Movie 2: Interview of eye witnesses at Azusa Street
  • 04
    3. William J. Seymour & Azusa Tragedies
    Show Content
    • William J. Seymour & Azusa Street Revival Tragedies
    • Activation 3: Honoring the Forgotten
    • Movie 3: Selma
    • Optional Paper on Azusa
  • 05
    4. Racial Reconciliation with Dr. Derrick Rosenier
    Show Content
    • Racial Reconciliation in light of the Azusa story with Dr. Derrick Rosenier
    • Activation 4: Seeking to Understand
    • Movie 4: Two Black Men a Week
    • Bonus Resource: Diving in Deeper with Dr. Derrick Rosenior on inter-racial communication
    • Bonus Session: Nikkole Worship and her family, worship and intercession
  • 06
    5. Where do we go from here?
    Show Content
    • Panel on Racial Reconciliation & Where do we go from here?
    • Activation 5: Dreaming Big
    • Movie 5: Just Mercy
  • 07
    Day 6. We Need a Revolution with Tinasha LeRayé
    Show Content
    • Creative Expressions by Tinasha LeRayé
    • We Need a Revolution with Tinasha LeRayé
    • Activation Bonus: Creative Expressions
  • 08
    Show Content
    • Ignite Azusa Completed Reading
    • Biggest Take Away & Testimonies
    • Congratulations!
    • Closing Prayer with Tinasha LeRayé
    • Bonus Movie: Sister Act
  • 09
    Show Content
    • Bonus Session: Q & A with Tinasha LeRayé
    • Azusa Street Revival interview of Jen Miskov with Saturate OC founder Jessi Green
    • Worship Session after Azusa Story released at first School of Revival we did in Switzerland
    • Lou Engle & Azusa Street 2020
    • Free preview of Bartleman Book: How Pentecost Came to Los Angeles
    • Bonus Movie: Amazing Grace

More Testimonials

This time together has been filled with life. Each moment, an encounter with Holy Spirit and an awakening within. The fire deposited will ignite more flames. The wonders that will be birthed will be fruitful in each of our lives. Thank you Jen Miskov for creating the space for the flames of revival to be lit. This time was powerful and I am grateful.

Nicole Hilliard, FL 

This school is so special because Holy Spirit works on the school. For example, I joined unexpectedly because Holy Spirit tossed my body on and off for about 20-30 minutes when I listened to the lecture of Dr. Miskov on Azusa Revival.  My husband who joined the class was listening to the first session and I was lying down on couch, right next to him. Then when she started lecturing on Azusa Revival, my body started to react. I thought I was nudged by Holy Spirit, so I joined. Because God never disappoints me, I received unexpected revelations, fire, inspirations, and dreams from the school. Being connected to like-minded people was also a gift of God. Dr. Miskov is in divine leadership and she creates an atmosphere that is just right temperature for all to bathe in. I think the biggest take-aways of this class were that I was able to understand my Father's heart when I made the stone of remembrance video and second, I think something supernatural is activated in my spirit. Thank you Dr. Miskov and other students for sharing this time. I found great men and women of God here. 

-Seya Cha, South Korea

  • Instructor

    Meet Jen

    Jennifer A. Miskov, Ph.D., is a Revival Historian, Author, Writing Coach, and Itinerant Minister who loves to lead people into life-changing encounters with Jesus and invite them into the fullness of the Holy Spirit. She is also the founding director of Destiny House, a ministry that cultivates communities of worshippers to steward wells of revival within family. Jen facilities Writing in the Glory Workshops around the nation to catalyze authors to write their first books. She has supported Bill Johnson in his Defining Moments book as well as authored Walking on Water, Ignite Azusa: Positioning for a New Jesus Revolution, Writing in the Glory, Life on Wings, Spirit Flood, and Silver to Gold. Jen loves to lead people into a greater lifestyle of union with Jesus through her writing, teaching, and ministry. She is ordained by Heidi Baker with Iris Global and received her Ph.D. in Global Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies from the University of Birmingham, U.K. Learn more about her at www.jenmiskov.com.

    Jen Miskov

    Founding Director and Dean

    Jen Miskov